Set of 36 Cretacolor Hard Pastel Sticks

£ 32.99 £ 48.95

This set contains 36 Cretacolor Hard Pastels. Enhance your pastel pencil artwork with these vibrant pastel sticks. To see the colours included in this set please scroll down.

  • Set contains 36 colours ideal for use with pastel pencil work
  • High pigment and vibrant colour
  • Great starter set to introduce pastel sticks into your work
  • Enhance your pastel pencil artwork by adding Pastel Sticks on top

This set of 36 pastel sticks by Cretacolor are colours picked to enhance your pictures. Colin likes to use Pastel sticks on top of his pastel pencil work to add more colour, vibrancy and impressionism.

In this set you'll get the following colours:

Permanent White
Naples Yellow
Cadmium Yellow
Chromium Yellow
French Green
Fir Green
Pea Green
Moss Green Dark
Olive Green Dark
Vermilion Light
Green Earth Light
Vermilion Dark
Tan Light
Madder Carmine
Ivory Black
Carmine Extra Fine
Tan Dark
Reddish Purple
Ochre Light
Rose Madder
Ochre Dark
Bluish Purple
Prussian Blue
Pompeian Red
Indian Red
Delft Blue
Van Dycke Brown
Glacier Blue
Bremen Blue
Cloud Grey
Turquoise Dark
Blue Grey