STABILO CarbOthello Set of 12 Pastel Pencils

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This 12 Pencil Set contains the following colours: Carmine Red Deep, Vermilion Red, Indian Yellow, Neutral Yellow, Leaf Green, Cyan Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Prussian Blue, English Red Deep, Bister, Neutral Black, Titanium White

  • Great set for starting out
  • High pigment and vibrant colour
  • A soft pastel pencil ideal for layering on top Faber-Castell
  • Easy to Use - Pastel Pencils already feel a natural medium to work with

Way back in 1985, Colin found the CarbOthello pastel pencils in a local art shop. At the time he was struggling to do a commission of a pet dog for someone in watercolour. When he came across the pencils he thought he'd try those instead. He was amazed by the result and immediately began working with them more and more.

He caught the attention of STABILO and before long he was working exclusively with them demonstrating around the country and running workshops. Back then they were called Charcoal Coloured Pencils and he didn't feel this name best suited them so discussed renaming them to "Pastel Pencils".

The CarbOthello pastel pencil changed Colin's life, it set him down a different career path which lead to the incredible work you see today. They are a wonderful product, softer than Faber-Castell which makes them ideal for adding on top of the Pitt Pastel. You'll make your pictures pop with their vibrant pigment.

This set contains 12 colours:

Carmine Red Deep
Vermilion Red
Indian Yellow
Neutral Yellow
Leaf Green
Cyan Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Prussian Blue
English Red Deep
Neutral Black
Titanium White

Colour Swatch:

STABILO CarbOthello Pastel Pencil Colour Chart Swatch