A R Quinton Landscape - Mixed Media

£ 10.00

Learn to paint use Watercolour with Pastel Pencils to create this landscape after AR Quinton. This is aimed at advanced-level artists but anyone can give it a go!

Once you have purchased a class you will receive a link to login and access the class via our online school.

Watercolour Pans & Pencils used:

Winsor & Newton Cotman

Various Winsor and Newton Cotman Pans from 24 set.

Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils

101 White
103 Ivory
230 Cold Grey I
233 Cold Grey IV
182 Brown Ochre
131 Medium Flesh
184 Dark Naples Ochre
138 Violet
160 Manganese Violet
177 Walnut Brown
199 Black
283 Burnt Sienna
187 Burnt Ochre
190 Venetian Red
143 Cobalt Blue
170 May Green
168 Earth Green Yellowish
174 Chrome Green Opaque
104 Light Yellow Glaze
118 Scarlet Red
192 Indian Red
175 Dark Sepia

Paper needed:

Colin uses a 300gsm smooth watercolour paper which can be found in our shop.

Brushes needed:

The brushes Colin likes to use with Watercolour are No.6, No.4, No. 3, No.1, No.00, Half Inch Flat and Quarter Inch Flat.