Caran D'Ache Box of 20 Luminance 6901 Coloured Pencils

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The Luminance 6901 Coloured Pencil from Caran d'Ache is an extremely high quality coloured pencil. With high pigments and a creamy texture, Colin was bowled over with the effects you can get. So much so that he has begun to work with them in creating in online courses to teach how to use them to get fantastic results.

  • Caran D'Ache is an extremely high quality Coloured Pencil
  • High quality pigment and vibrant colours
  • A creamy texture fantastic for layering
  • Easy to Use - Coloured Pencils are a familiar medium to work in
  • Set of 20 Vibrant Colours

Colours included in this set: 001 White, 240 Lemon Yellow, 820 Golden bismuth yellow, 030 Orange, 061 Permanent red, 571 Anthraquinoid pink, 112 Manganese violet, 661 Light cobalt blue, 162 Phthalocyanine blue, 159 Prussian blue, 739 Dark sap green, 220 Grass green, 470 Spring green, 034 Yellow ochre, 065 Russet Sanguine, 585 Perylene brown, 069 Burnt sienna, 548 Raw umber, 495 Slate grey, 009 Noir Black.

Download the colour chart here.