Caran D'Ache Box of 76 Pastel Pencils

£ 200.99 £ 269.99

The Caran D'Ache Pencil is an extremely high quality pastel pencil. Their colours are vibrant and texture slightly softer than Faber-Castell. This set of 76 colours will give you nearly the entire range and compliment your pastel pencil artwork.

  • Caran D'Ache is an extremely high quality Pastel Pencil
  • High quality pigment and vibrant colours
  • Slightly softer than Faber-Castell but harder than CarbOthello
  • Easy to Use - Pastel Pencils already feel a natural tool to work with
  • Set of 76 Vibrant Colours

The Caran D'Ache Pastel Pencil set is a great addition to your pastel pencil range. Let's address the elephant in the room - the price. These pencils are the most expensive we've come across on the market. However the quality of these pencils justify the price point. If you are looking to invest in a high quality pastel pencil then these pencils are ideal.

One of the huge selling points about this range is the variety of colours and tones that you can get, with 84 colours in total there are so many in between tones that we would not have had before. They are hexagonal shape and are best sharpened with a knife or sanding block.

This 76 Pencil set contains almost the full range of colours! The 8 colours not included in this set are: 871 Azurite White, 736 Brown olive 50%, 718 Middle phthalocyanine green, 711 Earth green, 243 Light olive 20%, 185 Ice blue, 120 Violet and 035 Ochre.